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RFID Tracking System

Track File Folders, Equipment, Weapons, and any other asset your company rquires.

RFID (Radio Frequency IDentification) File Tracking Software Systems give accountability to the file room clerk as to where and who has a file. No more blaming the file room clerk for missing files. RFID file tracking software will save fileroom labor, file searching time, enable instant finding of files, prevent files from vanishing, keep items secure from unauthorized eyes, automate file creation, allow for searching, requesting, reserving checked out items, automated on demand label printing, archiving from automated retention schedules, accountable desk audits, take inventory, map out shelf locations, set up trailing document checklists, file destruction and many more features which all help to reduce costs. When implemented correctly, you will know exactly where your records are at all times before wasting valuable time and money searching for files.

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RFID File Tracking Software makes finding lost files easy

What is RFID?

Radio Frequency IDentification (RFID) is a reliable, electronic control system to detect and track a variety of items using radio (FM) transmission methods. Objects are identified by a small tag or transponder either affixed to or imbedded into the object. Two types of RFID tags are available: A unique, factory-programmed, pre-numbered tag that identifies the object to which it is affixed and/or a user-writeable tag containing a unique number to identify the object. Our RFID File Tracking Software uses both types of tags.

Benefits of RFID

Since RFID does not require line-of-sight between the transponder and the reader, these systems overcome the limitations of other automatic identification approaches, such as barcoding. This means that RFID File Tracking Software systems work effectively in hostile environments where excessive dirt, dust, moisture and/or poor visibility would normally hamper rapid identification.

One outstanding benefit of RFID is its ability to read through these environments at remarkable speeds - responding in less than 100 milliseconds in most cases. Furthermore, RFID is completely automatic and transparent, eliminating the need to scan an object manually or activate a magnetic strip, reader, or other contact ID technology.

RFID File Tracking Software Systems for weapons tracking or anything tangible

A single database 'instance' of RFID File Management Software can be further configured to model and track a wide range of items, such as:

  • Weapons
  • Records
  • Evidence
  • Library Books
  • Assets
  • People
  • Vehicles

The RFID File Tracking Software can be rapidly configured according to each customer's preferred terminology (data fields), and to automate workflow and generate reports consistent with current or preferred protocol for operational practices.


MASTERTRAK PLUS - Tracking Solution Software

MasterTrak Plus is an automated Records Management, Asset Management and Document Imaging Software solution.


DESKMATE - RFID Tracking Interface Module / Reader

DeskMate is the MasterTrak Plus interface module for enabling RFID reading and real time tracking. DeskMate includes RFID Utility software.


PORTATRAK - Portable Tracking Software

PortaTrak is a software module which resides on portable barcode and RFID readers (handhelds). The PortaTrak software allows users to check items Out and In, as well as take complete physical inventories, using Barcodes or RFID, or both.


BOOKMATE - Library Self Check-Out

BookMate is a system consisting of a computer Powered kiosk which has a Touch Screen, Barcode Reader and RFID Reader. BookMate plugs into your network and interfaces with your existing library system.


BIOREADER - Fingerprint ID Device

BioReader is a USB biometric finger print solution that replaces ID Cards & PIN entry systems for Windows-based applications and seamlessly integrates with our entire suite of RFID products.

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